Parcels Susceptible to Flooding in the Alewife Area

This map shows Cambridge buildings and parcels in the Alewife area which are within the FEMA floodway and 100-year and 500-year floodplains.

Assessed value

This table shows the approximate 2018 assessed value of properties in the three flood zones.

Flood zone Number of Parcels Land Value Building Value Total Value
FEMA Floodway 29 $183,380,500 $214,122,300 $397,502,800
FEMA 100 Year 209 $1,157,440,000 $1,871,034,500 $3,028,474,500
FEMA 500 Year 681 $2,571,108,900 $3,052,559,600 $5,623,668,500

Property locations