October 14, 2016 in Medford

The charts below show measured sound levels at a home on Stearns Ave in Medford, MA on October 14, 2016. The sound levels are annotated with the flight numbers of aircraft passing overhead at the time.

The charts are interactive. Mouse over a flight number to see the time, aircraft type, approximate noise level and altitude. Zoom and pan for more detail.

The four charts cover 15 hours from 9 am to midnight. During this period there were 400 flights near the house. The average time between flights during this period is 2 1/4 minutes. The median time between flights is only 90 seconds. 123 events greater than 70 dBA and 222 events greater than 65 dBA were measured, an average of one N70 event every seven minutes and one N65 event every four minutes.